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Welcome to Innova Global technology.

Specialists in Structured Cabling, Data Cabling and Network Cabling Installation services.
"Innova Global is Proud To Provide You With Quality Installations and?
Guaranteed Results Or You Do Not Pay Us."?

"We Pledge"?total satisfaction with your installation, plus one year guarantee
our workmanship & material.?No hidden cost ever!?

Contractor solution provider

This Program is set up and specifically ?tailored to infrastructure installation ?companies that are established

in their local area and want to become a strategic partner with INNOVA. To increase revenue.

The Benefits are clear, The opportunity to have more market share and offer national

installation ?capability to local companies ?in ?your area that have national foot prints.

The Following five steps is designed to enroll ??your company in to this program :

  • Complete application form
  • Complete Master Service Agreement
  • Interview
  • Mutual approval of Master Service Contract Agreement document (MSCA) .In the enrollment process and depending on how large your organization is , the time to complete should not exceed more than two weeks. The more detailed and up to date your application is, the better your chances are of being contacted for the specific jobs.
  • You will be assigned to single point of contact ?

Projects : ?INNOVA Offers complete scope of work , ?process control ?and the project opportunity which will add to your bottom line ?without any need for sales and marketing efforts.

Opportunities: We believe “your success is our success “. ?We will empower your company with full potential and power of INNOVA management experience, management tools ?and our ?network of nationwide partners .

There is grate chance that you ?are located near ?organizations ?which they ?have national foot prints ( national stores, branches ?and offices ) . In many ?cases , within a few miles ?from our offices ?.

These companies can take advantage of our collective knowledge, network & experiences to improve ?their technology deployment , maintenance and reduce ?their cost ?by increasing ?efficiency and economy of scale which our partnership ?can collectively offer them

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