IT relocation and Office moving Guide Orange County

posted Jul 30, 2011, 4:37 PM by David Khorram ? [ updated Aug 30, 2011, 10:14 AM ]
IT relocation and Office moving guide?checklist?

Ok, You have been assigned to manage your office relocation project, and you are wondering how?will?you manage ?

You have most ?probably found our website because you have been assigned to manage your office relocation project, and you are wondering how you will manage all the details or simply ?where to?start?and keep up with your regular business task as well.

You are?probably?the?business?owner or most qualified and talented manager in your organization. Before you start any planing, you need to answer the following questions.

  1. What was the last time you moved ?or relocated a?company??
  2. Does?your forte and background covers Real Estate , Construction ,?Contract?and project management, IT?infrastructure, telecommunication ( Voice, data , video and audio ),??de installation and re installation??system?,?furniture, telephone service, copiers, mailing room?equipment, and printing services??and??move?logistics?, scheduling and cut over ?
  3. How?many?staff are effected by this move ?
  4. What was the?last?time you ?moved your own residence ? and what was your?experience?? ?
  5. How much will your company will lose every day if the moved date is delayed by factor a week or a month ? ( paying extra ?Real Estate leases, CKTs,?
The degree of?challenge??you may ?experienced in above number 3?question ?and considering the number of staff and details?involved?with item ?number 2 , may give you and indication of what you are facing with .

The good news is Innova and its team of move specialist have managed corporate office and?business?operation move, relocation and?expansion?every month for past twenty?years?

We also?believe sharing information is the best way to?assist?you to reach your goals?.

In next few blogs , we'll share a few of the things we've learned along the way, that can help, but every relocation project is like walking through a minefield, you never know when your next step will destroy all of your well laid out plans. ?This is why so many companies look to professional relocation firms like Innova ?to help them with the relocation projects. ?

We've been in the trenches, we know what to look out for, how to plan and avoid the most common mistakes, and how to develop an office relocation plan optimized to get your business relocation completed on time and in budget with minimum disruption to your staff and operations. ?Here's are a couple of critical items to consider.

  • Technology plan: What do you have? What do you need? Since most companies refresh their technology every 18 to 36 months, is this an opportunity to refresh, upgrade or?expand your systems?
  • Asset management plan: Audit your existing assets. What's worth moving in the area of technology and furnishings? What should be replaced or upgraded? Can you install what?you're moving in the new facility or are there obsolescence and incompatibility issues?
  • Determine who will be on the relocation team. What can you handle in house? What might you need or want to outsource?